Explore Takada

    A castle town known for its overwhelming snow and beautiful cherry blossoms, consciously preserving its unique culture forged in the Edo period

  • Takada

    A hidden gem of a castle town with culture like no other

    Takada is the name of a former castle town situated on the Sea of Japan in present-day Niigata Prefecture. It is now part of the city of Joetsu. Takada was founded as a castle town during the early 1600s, during the rule of the Matsudaira clan. Joetsu is known for its harsh winters and heavy snowfall. Since the Edo period, people here have built covered arcades, called gangi, along the streets. One of the areas of Joetsu most famous for gangi is Takada. Explore Takada—meet the people living there as you experience its distinctive traditional landscape.

  • Takahashi Magozaemon: confectionery with a 400-year history

    Founded 393 years ago, Takahashi Magozaemon is one of the oldest producers of rice syrup and sweets in Japan. Their recipes have remained unchanged for generations, and their goods remain as popular as ever.

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    Takada Castle

    Takada Castle was first built in 1614. Takada Park was established on the castle grounds following World War II. The park boasts over 4,000 cherry trees and is recognized as one of the top ten cherry blossom spots in all of Japan.

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    A three-minute walk from Takada Station brings you to a neighborhood where gangi, traditional covered shopping arcades, have been preserved. These gangi stretch for a total distance of sixteen kilometers, the longest in all of Japan.

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    Sugita Miso Brewery

    Sugita Miso Brewery was founded during the Edo period and is still producing miso according to its natural, traditional method.