• Cuisine & Sake

  • Premium Lunches

    The Best On The Sea Of Japan

    5,980 yen

    Grilled eel (short size)

    Assortment of sashimi

    Grilled rosy seabass


    Miso soup

    Kobachi side dishes


    Grilled eel, sashimi, rosy seabass...chef

    gathered high-quality ingredients.

    Special Sashimi

    3,980 yen

    A select assortment of sashimi

    Steamed head of sea bream

    Kobachi side dishes


    Miso soup


    Fresh and sumptuous cuts of the day’s best catch, selected by our chef de cuisine.

    Nihonkai Rosy Seabass

    3,980 yen

    Grilled rosy seabass

    Sweet shrimp sashimi

    A steamed side dish

    Kobachi side dishes


    Miso soup


    A local specialty of Niigata, rosy seabass has a naturally juicy texture.

    Ukiyo Traditional Unagi

    4,980 yen

    Grilled eel over white rice

    Eel liver suimono soup

    A steamed side dish

    Kobachi side dishes


    Savory eel, grilled and topped with Ukiyo's house-made version of  traditional unagi sauce

  • Seasonal Lunches: WINTER

    December 1–February 29

    Today's supecial


    A beautiful decorated set of 9

    kinds of small plates,rice,and

    clear soup of the cay.

    Takada hime

    1,720 yen

    Variety of seasonal tastes including fish and vegetables.

    Popular lunch set.

    +Hot pod 2,420yen

    Oyster kamameshi

    3,040 yen

    So soft oysters melt in your mouth. Your choice of dashi

    soy sauce or kombu salt.

    Crab kamameshi


    Enjoy springy palatability of

    crab and the combination with

    local rice. Your choice of dashi

    soy sauce or Kombu salt.


    Chicken sukiyaki


    Ukiyo's traditional soup Maximizes umami of chicken

    and a lot of vegetables.


  • Sake

    Drink menu

    ~ Lunch time ~


    Bottled Beer ( KIRIN, ASAHI, SAPPRO) 850yen


    Sake ( cold / hot ) 550yen


    Glass of Shochu ( poteto / wheat ) 600yen

    on the rock, water spilit, hot water spilit


    Glass of Wine (red / white) 600yen


    Highball 600yen


    Non-alcoholic Beer 550yen


    Sake tasting set 1,110yen


    Oolong Tea (cold / hot) 400yen


    Coke 400yen


    Ginger ale 400yen


    Orange juice 400yen


    Apple juice 400yen


    *Plice includes consumption tax & service charge





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